Top 10 Reasons We're Glad College Football is Back

Top 10 Reasons We're Glad College Football is Back

March, 20 2023

Kickoff weekend can’t come soon enough for the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience. To celebrate, we're giving you the top 10 reasons why we're glad college football is back:


10.) You can put away your stuffed ducks, dawgs, gators and tigers. We won’t judge you for sleeping with a stuffed animal, but now that the season is back, you don’t have to cope with mascot withdrawals. 

9.) Cooler temperatures are on the way. Even if it’s only a few degrees for our friends in the South, every degree helps when you are sweating out a win.

8.) Napping during the day is socially acceptable and even encouraged.  It’s a marathon, people, not a sprint!  Tailgating at 8 a.m. for a noon game makes for a long day. No one judges a power napper who can make it all the way through the west coast games.

7.) Neighbors won’t stare at the unsightly grill in your yard. Folks turn a blind eye to rusty propane tanks and fumes when burgers are grilling behind your truck on Saturdays in the fall. 

6.) Your trips to The College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience every Saturday include actual live games. Because what’s better than watching the history of college football unfold in real time?  

5.) You get to have breakfast with Coach Corso. You can have your favorite GameDay analyst, but nothing tops when Corso caps every show by picking the day’s biggest game with a piece of headgear. Drop donut, he’s about to make his pick…

4.) Painted faces don’t send kids running. You’ll go from weird looks to high fives at the grocery store once the calendar turns to fall. 

3.) You’re back to being the most popular person in the neighborhood. Ok, so your 60 inch flat screen might have something to do with it, but you can’t put a price on friendship. 

2.) Drama. A top 10 team is down 3 with no time outs left and 50 seconds on the clock against an unranked school on the road… we love the Bachelorette, but we’ll take this drama any day.

1.) Nostalgia. Regardless of whether they’re big fans of the game, people all around the country have some sort of soft spot for football. From playing catch with Dad in the backyard to seeing your first live game, there are plenty of great memories tied to seeing the gridiron for the first time each fall.

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