October 16, 2020

How to Make the Most of your Atlanta CityPASS

How to Make the Most of your Atlanta CityPASS

Whether it’s your first time visiting Atlanta or you’re a local looking to experience the sites and attractions that put the city on the map, you’ll find no shortage of things to do or places to go in the city. Still, you can probably already guess that visiting all of these places individually can be a pretty pricey endeavor. However, with Atlanta’s CityPASS, you can experience the most of what Atlanta has to offer at an incredibly discounted price.

How the CityPass Works

CityPASS lets you experience five different city attractions over a 30-day period. You can visit the five you choose in any order you wish, and many of them will allow you to skip the main-entrance ticket line! If you’re looking for an option like a coupon that will allow you to get the most out of your Atlanta experience while saving time and money, CityPASS is an incredible option.

What is included in the CityPASS

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of history? Learning about the fascinating world of football? Seeing unique and incredible animals up close? Discovering the history of Atlanta’s most famous beverage?? Learn about all of these and more with Atlanta CityPASS.

If you’re passionate about animals, you can stop by the Georgia Aquarium to learn all about marine life and experience the brand-new shark exhibit. Then, make your way over to the World of Coca-Cola where you just might see a polar bear or two.  CityPass offers you the choice of a visit to Zoo Atlanta to see incredible wildlife or the National Center for Civil and Human Rights where you can learn about the history of the civil rights movement and view original papers from Dr. Martin Luther King.

Finally, check out the College Football Hall of Fame! With plenty of interactive exhibits available, you’ll be entertained from the moment you enter the building. Experience the social traditions of college football, and engage with exhibits dedicated to anything from tailgating to mascots to bands. College football fans will have an absolute blast exploring the history and culture that has brought the game where it is today. And, if you want to test your own skills on the field, the Hall of Fame offers a skill zone, where you can kick a field goal, practice your throws and test your agility! We’re always expanding and updating our displays, so stop by if you want to see some of our exhibits and learn more about college football than you ever thought possible.

Where to Buy a CityPASS

If you’re interested in seeing everything Atlanta has to offer, the CityPASS is for you. Check out our page  to purchase a CityPASS to learn more.

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