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Larry Csonka


Lawrence Richard Csonka

Inducted 1989

Date of Birth



Stow, OH


Syracuse University (1965-1967)


Larry Csonka is one of the strongest men ever to play football, but he didn't try the weight lifting routine in the gym. "I had my own body-building program. I grew up on a farm," he said. "I picked corn, shoveled dirt, baled hay, milked cows, and every day I ran two miles home for supper." The farm was at Stow, Ohio. By the time Larry reached college, he was ready to put those muscles to work on a football field. He was Syracuse University's 230-pound, all-powerful, battering-ram fullback. In three years, 1965-1967, he ranked 19th, 9th and 5th in the nation in yards gained by rushing. Before Csonka, Syracuse had a history of great backs. - Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Jim Nance, Floyd Little. Csonka broke their records. He ran for 2,934 yards, a school record that lasted 14 years. He reeled off a 56-yarder against West Virginia in 1965, but most of the time he was a pulverizing ramrod - as shown by these figures; an average of 4.9 yards every time he carried the ball; 14 100-yard games; 43 times carrying the ball in one game against Maryland in 1967. He was named a unanimous All-America in 1967. After Syracuse, he had a 12-year pro career topped by championship years with Miami in 1972 and 1973.


Height 6'3

Weight 230

Career Highlights

  • 1967 Heisman - Fourth
  • 1967 Unanimous All-America
  • 1966 First Team All-America
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