Corporate Team Building

Go From Work Goals to Field Goals

At the Hall, we host the most exciting company outings and corporate events in Atlanta. Get your office out from behind cubicles and into a college football frame of mind. Build your company’s morale by treating your employees to unique team building workshops and problem-solving solutions.

To book, call 404-880-4853, or click below.

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  • Q: How many people are needed for a corporate team building event?
    • A: A minimum of 15 people are needed in order to book a corporate team building event.
  • Q: How long does a typical team building event and tour last?
    • ATypically, a team building event and tour lasts about 2 hours.
  • Q: Is lunch provided?
    • ANo, however, groups can bring sack lunches or order Chick-fil-A lunches from the restaurant next door to the Hall.
      • To order Chick-fil-A lunches, contact Chick-fil-A #02977 by calling 404-549-7993 or emailing
  • Q: Are there designated conference spaces available?
    • AMeeting rooms are available upon request, for more information contact our event staff at 404-880-4819.
  • Q: Is parking provided?
    • AWe do not provide parking, however, bus parking is available through The Marshalling Yard and public parking is available in the Green Deck (more info here).
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