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Mike Holovak


Michael Joseph Holovak

Inducted 1985

Date of Birth



Lansford, PA


Boston College (1940-1942)


Mike Holovak was spotted by Frank Leahy while Leahy was watching Vince Lombardi coach high school football. Holovak, a member of the opposing team, helped destroy Lombardi's squad and thus was discovered by Leahy. Leahy, then a Fordham assistant coach, became Boston College's coach one month later. That's how Mike Holovak, happened to end up at Boston College. As a sophomore, Holovak led the Eagles in rushing as well as contributing significantly to the defense. He scored touchdowns in two famous BC victories that year - a 19-18 triumph over Georgetown and a 19-13 upset of Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl. His senior year he was co-captain of the team, ranked second in the nation in rushing, and received consensus All-America honors as well as finishing fourth in the Heisman voting. Holovak turned in an outstanding performance in the 1942 Orange Bowl where he set records for touchdowns (3) and average yards per carry (15.0 yards/carry). For his career, Holovak averaged 5.27 yards per carry. Holovak served in the Navy. He later played pro ball with the Los Angeles Rams and the Chicago Bears. Holovak returned to Boston College as head coach, 1951-59. He was coach of the New England Patriots 1961-68, later became general manager of the Houston Oilers.


Height 6'2

Weight 214

Career Highlights

  • 1942 Consensus All-America
  • 1942 Heisman -Fourth
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