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O.J. Simpson

Running Back

Orenthal James Simpson

Inducted 1983

Date of Birth



San Francisco, CA


University of Southern California (1967-1968)


In a football game, I just don't want to be touched. That's O.J. Simpson's explanation as to why he wore short-sleeved jerseys no matter how cold the playing weather might have been. "I can feel tacklers better that way." What he could sense or feel he could elude with blasting spurts, uncanny cuts and escaping fleetness. At San Francisco City College in 1965-66, Simpson established himself as the all-time junior college rushing leader with 2,552 yards and 54 touchdowns. At Southern California in 1967 and 1968, his 9.3-second 100-yard speed and explosive start, led USC to national championship honors in 1967, including a 14-3 victory over Indiana on New Year's Day, 1968, in the Rose Bowl. The 1967 season was also the year Simpson won 22 individual citations. He led the country in rushing with 1451 yards on 266 carries and 11 touchdowns, and also won Back of the Year honors from United Press International, as all selectors gave him unanimous first-team All-America recognition. In 1968, he carried the ball 355 times for 1709 yards and 22 touchdowns while leading USC to a 9-0-1 regular season record, equaling or bettering a long list of USC records. Again, he was named to all of the All-America first teams and was granted 21 awards, including Rose Bowl MVP, the Heisman Trophy and Maxwell Award.


Height 6'2

Weight 205

Career Highlights

  • 1968 All-Conference
  • 1968 Heisman Trophy Winner
  • 1968 Led nation in all-purpose yards
  • 1968 Led nation in rushing
  • 1968 Maxwell Award Winner
  • 1968 Unanimous All-America
  • 1967 All-Conference
  • 1967 Heisman - Second
  • 1967 Led nation in all-purpose yards
  • 1967 Led nation in rushing
  • 1967 Unanimous All-America
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