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Pat Harder


Marlin Martin Harder

Inducted 1993

Date of Birth



Milwaukee, WI


University of Wisconsin (1941-1942)


Marlin "Pat" Harder came out of Washington High School, Milwaukee, and was Wisconsin's fullback from 1941-1942. He stood 5-11, weighed 195, and was an outstanding ball carrier, blocker, and placekicker. In 1941, he led the Big Ten in rushing and scoring. In 1942, the Badgers went 8-1-1. They knocked off national champion Ohio State, 17-7 with Harder scoring 17 points. He was part of a backfield that included Jack Wink at quarterback and the H's-Harder, Hoskins, and Hirsch. Harder served in the Marines in World War II. He had another year of eligibility but passed it up and joined the pros after his discharge from service. He was in two College All-Star games, 1943 and 1946. He was the collegians' Most Valuable Player in 1943; in a 27-7 victory over the Redskins. Harder scored two touchdowns and three extra points. He was with the Chicago Cardinals 1946-1950, and Detroit Lions, 1951-1953. He led the pro league in scoring 1947-1949. Harder served as an NFL official for 17 years, 1966-1982. He was vice-president of a car leasing firm in Milwaukee.


Height 5'11

Weight 195

Career Highlights

  • 1942 All-Conference
  • 1942 First Team All-America
  • 1941 All-Conference
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