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Al Brosky


Alfred Edward Brosky

Inducted 1998

Date of Birth



Cincinnati, IN


University of Illinois (1950-1952)


Al Brosky brought a new recognition to football achievements. Before his time, all attention was on a players' statistics for rushing, passing, receiving, or similar areas. Brosky became famous for pass interceptions. He made 11 in 1950, 10 in 1951, and 8 in 1952. The total, 29, was an NCAA record that lasted 23 years. It was finally topped in 1975. Brosky played safety and was also recognized as a tough tackler. He was Illinois captain and Most Valuable Player his senior year. He returned punts-- 29 in 1950, 18 in 1951, and 5 in 1952 for a total of 52, and he averaged six yards on each return. Illinois had a 20-7-1 record in his time. The 1951 team went 9-0-1, won the Big 10, and beat Stanford 40-7 in the Rose Bowl. In 1951, Brosky had a 61-yard run with an interception against Iowa. He had other runs -- 44 against Ohio State, 32 against Indiana, 20 against Wisconsin -- and was heralded for making tackles that prevented an opponent's touchdown or batting down passes that cut off touchdowns. Al was the youngest of 11 children of Mike and Pauline Brosky. His father came to America from Czechoslovakia. Al played one year of high school football in 1945 when he weighed 142 pounds. He was a starting halfback for Harrison High School in Chicago. Brosky was in the army from 1946 to 48 and played on a service team in Japan. Brosky made first-team All-America in 1951.


Height 5'10

Weight 172

Career Highlights

  • 1952 All-Conference
  • 1952 First Team All-America
  • 1951 All-Conference
  • 1951 First Team All-America
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