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Bubba Smith

Defensive End

Charles Aaron Smith

Inducted 1988

Date of Birth



Beaumont, TX


Michigan State University (1964-1966)


Bubba Smith had a superb beginning. His father, Willie Ray Smith, was a great high school coach in a great football state, Texas; his mother earned two college degrees. Bubba learned football playing for his father in Beaumont, Texas, and refined it as a two-time All-America defensive end at Michigan State in 1965 and 1966. During those years Michigan State won one MacArthur Bowl as natonal champion and shared one with Notre Dame. Smith was the Baltimore Colts first draft choice and made all-pro. He also played for Oakland and Houston in a ten-year pro career. In the 1980's, Bubba blossomed as an actor in movies and TV, notably in "Police Academy" and "Blue Thunder". In college he played at 6-7 and 283-pounds. As a pro, he went over 300-pounds. He won fame as a speaker to youth groups, and he said, "I take my parents with me, to demonstrate my respect for them." He described election to the College Football Hall of Fame, "The jewel in my crown, for my collegiate days were very special to me."


Height 6'7

Weight 283

Career Highlights

  • 1966 All-Conference
  • 1966 Unanimous All-America
  • 1965 All-Conference
  • 1965 Consensus All-America
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